Remodeling & Tree Removal

Remodeling & Tree removal in Greater Cincinnati

Between bitter cold winters and the occasional summertime tornado, the weather in Greater Cincinnati, OH can do a number on a house. When that happens, call M & M Construction & Remodeling's number. You'll like the number we give you!  

A do-better or a do-over

The 1970's called. They want their avocado green countertops back. You're too happy to oblige. So are we at M & M Construction & Remodeling. Call us when you're ready to give your residence a reboot!  

From upgrading your kitchen appliances to installing a relaxing jacuzzi tub, we'll help you create a home you'll be proud to call your own. 

Put more "you" in your home

If your home bears too many reminders of its previous owner for your taste, call M & M Construction & Remodeling. In a single room or the entire house, our home improvements will make it yours, and make it last!

Drip, drip, drip. Your roof is trying to tell you something. Call today.

Tree removed for remodeling service in Goshen, OH

Problem tree, problem no more

You love your trees, all except one. Maybe it's diseased, dead or in a place that you have other plans for. 

Call M & M Construction & Remodeling. Our tree removal team will get it out of sight at a price that won't drive you out of mind. Call or visit our office at 6028 State Route 27 in Goshen, OH.
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